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“In the spring of 2022 two rows of nylon 6 Germinator® closing wheels were compared with Copperhead FurrowCruisers. In the initial 20 acres the nylon six wheels were experiencing a slight soil buildup which had no effect on their performance. This may be the result of semi marginal planting conditions and the manufacture suggested that they may have just needed a little polishing. When I dug behind both systems it was easy to see that the Germinators® were providing better seed-to-soil contact when compared to the Copperheads. With excellent early-season growing conditions providing around a 99% emergence with both systems it was difficult for either product to gain an advantage. With the excellent seed-to-soil contact Germinator® closing wheels generated (a trait they are known for), Germinators® would be one of my top picks out of the closing wheels and systems I have tested over the years.“ – Clayton Stufflebeam, PFR Agronomist


The Germinator® Closing wheel is an innovative and modern closing wheel that has replaced the traditional and outdated rubber wheels. The Germinator® closing wheel is useful in promoting the successful and consistent germination as well as the emergence of the seed. It is made out of premium-grade steel which is helpful in reducing the risk of sidewall compaction. Utilize down-pressure as you have in the past. You may be able to lighten it slightly (monitor results if making changes). It is suitable in all types of soil and tillage conditions including heavy soil with no-till conditions. Recently a Midwest company conducting high-quality practical agricultural research reported that using a superior performing closing wheels such as Germinator® closing wheels was the most cost-effective solution with the quickest most immediate rate of return, for enhancing corn or soybean production and profitability. Their research showed, closing wheels such as Germinator® could increase corn production as much as 5.1 bushels per acre and soybean production 2.5 bushels per acre. Over the last two years multiple on-farm tests have been conducted comparing the Germinator® closing wheel with its patent pending “inner-rim-shoulder-firmer” to competitors such as Furrow Cruiser and Twister. In every challenge, Germinator® showed the best success at closing the furrow, providing high quality seed-to-soil contact, even emergence; closing down the competition.  Germinator® creates a vein of firm soil encasing the seed in perfect soil contact and enhancing the soil’s ability to wick moisture to nourish and germinate the seed.


Setup options:
  • Full wheel assembly easily replaces factory closing wheels on most planters
  • Ring-only insert option installs on most factory wheels
Compatible with:
  • John Deere MaxEmerge™ Plus, XP, and XP Pro
  • Kinze ’93–current
  • AGCO White and Massey Ferguson
  • Great Plains
  • Monosem
  • Precision Planting Ready Row Unit

What makes the Germinator® unique is its inner-rim shoulder-firmer, which encases the seed with soil, maximizing seed-to-soil contact. It’s not just any closing wheel. Reach your yield potential!

How It Works

Crumbles And Firms Soil At The Same Time
Works In Diverse Field Conditions
Smooth Surface And Rounded Center
Cost-Effective And Easy To Install
germinator steel closing wheel with hub

GERMINATOR® closing wheels maximize seed to soil contact by:

  • Eliminating sidewall compaction
  • Giving depth control
  • Eliminating air pockets
  • Fully closing the seed trench with inner rim shoulder firming
  • Promotes consistent germination and emergence.
  • Steel construction is highly effective in all tillage and soil conditions. Utilize down-pressure as you have in the past. You may be able to lighten it slightly (monitor results).
  • Designed to clean rapidly in wet conditions.
  • 050 steel insures longevity.
  • Farm Journal magazine projects a break even with only 170 acres.

Uniform Emergence

The wheels of the Germinator® closing wheel are engineered in such a way that they are highly effective in all tillage and soil conditions. The closing wheel for planters is suitable for planting soy, corn, sun flowers, sugar beats, dry beans , and  other “row” crops. Due to the innovative and unique design, the Germinator® closing wheel prevents air pockets and covers the seed ‘V’ properly in order to create better seed-to-soil contact.

Setup options of Germinator® closing wheels

The closing wheels for planters can be used with almost all types of planters. Since the Germinator® closing wheels are one of the best planter closing wheels, the traditional closing wheels can be replaced with these modern germinator® closing wheels. Apart from this, when you are using a planter closing wheel there is no need to use the rubber ring insert options that are used in the outdated factory issued closing wheels.



Proper closing wheel adjustment ensures successful seed planting and emergence in agricultural operations. Closing wheels play a vital role in creating the right environment for seeds to germinate and develop into healthy plants. Correct adjustment ensures the soil is firmly packed around the seed, maintaining consistent depth and adequate soil-to-seed contact.

Closing wheels can significantly contribute to reducing seedling emergence issues. Properly closing the seed trench helps create an optimal microenvironment for germination. When adjusted correctly, closing wheels ensure that the seed is securely placed at the desired depth while eliminating air pockets and providing good seed-to-soil contact.

Cast iron closing wheels stand out from other types due to their durability and versatility. Unlike rubber or plastic alternatives, cast-iron closing wheels are heavy and robust, which allows them to exert consistent downward pressure on the soil. This weight aids in firming the soil around the seed trench effectively. Cast iron wheels are less prone to wear and tear, making them a longer-lasting option.

Yes, closing wheel attachments that are compatible with precision planting systems are readily available in the market. These attachments are designed to work seamlessly with precision planting equipment, ensuring precise seed placement and optimal soil closure. They come in various styles and materials to suit different farming practices and soil types.

Closing wheels with depth control adjustments can be a worthwhile investment for farmers seeking precise control over seed depth during planting. These wheels allow farmers to fine-tune the depth at which seeds are planted, accommodating variations in soil conditions and crop requirements.

Generally, you should focus on a series of options by focusing on multiple aspects, such as regularly inspecting for wear and damage, cleaning soil and debris buildup from the wheels, and Lubricating moving parts to prevent friction. Also, you should replace worn or damaged components as needed.

To clean and lubricate closing wheel components, follow these steps:

 – Remove the wheels from the planter.
 – Use a brush or compressed air to remove soil and debris.
 – Inspect for any signs of wear or damage.
 – Lubricate moving parts with appropriate grease or lubricant.
 – Reassemble the wheels on the planter.
 – Regular cleaning and lubrication prevent corrosion, reduce friction, and ensure smooth operation during planting.

Signs that it’s time to replace closing wheels include Excessive wear or damage to the wheel edges, Cracks or fractures in the wheel material, and Reduced performance, such as poor seed-to-soil contact. In addition, it includes Uneven seed placement or emergence issues and an inability to maintain proper adjustment despite regular maintenance.

Replacing worn or damaged closing wheels is essential to maintain planting efficiency and seedling emergence.

Generally, sharpening or repairing damaged closing wheels is not recommended, as doing so may compromise their integrity and effectiveness. Closing wheels are precision components, and attempting to modify or repair them can lead to uneven seed placement and reduced seedling emergence. It’s best to replace damaged or worn wheels with new ones to ensure consistent performance and optimal results during planting.

Discounts and promotions for closing wheels can vary depending on the manufacturer, retailer, and timing. It’s advisable to visit the official website of the closing wheel manufacturer or contact authorized dealers directly. Additionally, you can check for seasonal promotions or special offers from agricultural equipment suppliers.

Most companies provide order-tracking services. You’ll typically need the order number or a tracking number provided by the company to track your order. You can then visit the company’s website or contact our customer support to obtain real-time updates on the status and location of your shipment.

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