Germinator® N6 (price per row)


Limited Quantities Available

Wheels sold per row and include a set of 2.

Unlike the typical poly-wheels that may wear out after only one season, our closing wheels are made with Nylon 6. Nicknamed “plastic steel” Nylon 6 is ultra-durable at a lower price-point. Nylon 6 is also the same material Michigan Transmission uses to manufacture transmission gears.

First Generation wheels recommended for low acreage only.

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The Germinator® Closing wheel is an innovative and modern closing wheel that has replaced the traditional and outdated rubber wheels. The Germinator® closing wheel is useful in promoting the successful and consistent germination as well as the emergence of the seed. This lower price point plastic version is made of Nylon 6 plastic, an ultra-durable, high-quality and stronger-grade plastic than our competitors. It is suitable in all types of soil and tillage conditions including heavy soil with no-till conditions.


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The wheels of the Germinator® closing wheel are engineered in such a way that they are highly effective in all tillage and soil conditions.

The closing wheel for planters is suitable for planting soy, corn, sun flowers, sugar beats, dry beans , and  other “row” crops. Due to the innovative and unique design, the Germinator® closing wheel prevents air pockets and covers the seed ‘V’ properly in order to create better seed-to-soil contact.


Setup options of Germinator® closing wheels

The closing wheels for planters can be used with almost all types of planters. Since the Germinator® closing wheels are one of the best planter closing wheels, the traditional closing wheels can be replaced with these modern germinator® closing wheels.

Apart from this, when you are using a planter closing wheel there is no need to use the rubber ring insert options that are used in the outdated factory issued closing wheels

Compatibility of Germinator® closing wheels

The planter closing wheel can be used with most of the planters available in the market such as:

  • John Deere MaxEmerge™ (ME), Plus, XP, and XP Pro
  • Kinze ’93–current
  • AGCO White and Massey Ferguson
  • Great Plains
  • Monosem
  • Precision Planting Ready Row Unit
  • Harvest International


Additional information


1st Generation (low acreage only), 2nd Generation


Wheels Only, Bearings Included, Complete Hub Assembly Included

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